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| In unity, we will succeed as Zimbabweans. Let's work for the benefit of all. Blessed are those that respect the life given to us by the Creator of mankind |
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Membership Information

Membership is voluntary and open to all Zimbabwean citizens and non-Zimbabweans of 18 years and older who identifies with and subscribes to FreeZim Congress Constitution, policies and activities. Only Zimbabwean citizens can vote in a general elections. Non-Zimbabweans will be non-voting members.

Acceptance for membership is based on certain criteria that includes integrity, honest, respect and other of the individual seeking membership. These are isted in FreeZim Congress Constitution and Membership Acceptance Form, which are available from our offices country-wide and can be downloaded below.

. Membership Acceptance Form

. FreeZim Congress Constituion


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In The News

Sunday, April 30, 2017
Government has run out of ideas. So parents pay schools fees with goats. Many people lost their cattle in 2007-8. What's next? No to such low in our country. We call upon the youth of Zimbabwe to reject such and to lead the change campaign in 2018. ...Read More

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today, 16 March 2013, the majority of Zimbabweans vote in a referendum for a constitution they have never seen. The following are the reasons we say NO to the Draft Constitution:

(1) Accountability of the President: It is not stated explicitly how and under what conditions can the President be held accountable ...Read More

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