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| In unity, we will succeed as Zimbabweans. Let's work for the benefit of all. Blessed are those that respect the life given to us by the Creator of mankind |
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President's Corner

 "...I was born to work for the world and make it a better place for all that live in it.." Joseph Busha, The President, FreeZim Congress.

13 June 2011

SADC met the weekend of 11 June 2011 on Zimbabwean next elections. Very little details were made public. Nonetheless, we trust ZANU PF will heed the will of the people and not rush into election this year. It's absolutely important to listen to your people including the neighbours. As the President of FREEZIM, I am glad to inform my fellow Zimbabweans and neighbours that Zimbabwe will be on its feet again after the next elections. Some people want to impose government leadership in Zimbabwe, and that will not work. Not in Zimbabwe! MDC does not have an ideological foundation, plans and credible leadership to take the country forward. ZANU PF is faltering and infiltrated by young greedy politicians and business people. With FreeZim Congress being the next democratically elected party to lead Zimbabwe, it is without doubt that our country will be the best to live in within 2 years of FREEZIM led government.  So that leaves ZANU PF and MDC to contest for the official opposition status in Zimbabwe. And there might be nothing to oppose beacuse FREEZIM's developmental and people-oriented self-sustaining policies are all inclusive.  

Late Cde Edgar Tekere,

Comrade Tekere, it's unfortunate you could not see Zimbabwe turn the corner economically, but we Zimbabweans SALUTE your unquestionable contribution to the liberation of this nation from colonial rule. Together with Josiah Tongogara and many othe fallen heroes you were at the forefront of the struggle. As FreeZim Congress, joined by all Zimbabweans, we will not let you down on your efforts for a better Zimbabwe. Rest in peace the son, gallant fighter, of Zimbabwe. To the Tekere family, we are with you.

1 April 2011

(First Comments)

Today, the world is experiencing so many unbelievable negative changes. During a presentation in 2008 in Harare, Zimbabwe, I mentioned that there is a leadership vacuum in the world today. The word "leadership" is too general - we need to make it more descriptive so we can distinguish between bad and good leadership. There are all sorts of people called leaders -  those in political power, business, civic organisations and so on including those leading gangs that terrorise humanity. They are all branded leaders.

What is lacking is progressive and compassionate leadership. With recent new government administrations notably in the USA, Britain and France, the world was expecting a more positive unifying era, but no, the thought process and ways of dealing with global challenges remain the same. New administrations worldwide seem not to learn from history. In my mother continent, Africa, this is a perennial problem. Deceipt and selfish imperialist agendas will never bring the peoples of the world together in happiness. 

I trust that those who have a natural calling for social work will not give up in trying to make the world a better place for all. I call upon each one of us to do our best for humanity, world peace and all inclusive development.

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In The News

Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

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